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Looking for the Automotive parts


Control by submicron Ultraprecise grinding

TNK strength is controlled by submicron ultraprecise grinding. We would support any customer requirement use by our high precision products that from high precision process to outer diameter, inner diameter, roundness, cylindricity, surface roughness. Especially most high precision grinding parts is controlled 0.1 micron.
These technology use at the aeroplane, aerospace market, too.


Precision shaft of the national level in China, the factory is capable of producing

It is a top market share holder of precision shaft TNK has established a factory in Fuzhou, Fujian, China, offers a precision shaft in Japan and the same level.
  Improvement of production capacity also aim, the new plant boasts 20,000m2 scale of China Fuzhou than 2003 years have running. This new plant to achieve further growth in the production scale of let alone in Tsukuba factory. Also in the sense of contributing to China local has been attracting attention.
Also owns the equipment such as precision cutting boards and precision press line of more than 200 units, including overseas factories to meet the needs of a wide range, and diversification of non-shaft, faster delivery time, reform of quality and inventory control, stability supply, to meet the confidence of the customer in the form of and thus of cost performance achieved.


Correspond by the various raw material

We accept all types of material from general material to difficult-to-cut material for example stainless steel, heat resistant steel, tool steel. We have abundance of the achievements for produce iron and steel, non-ferrous, organic, inorganic, composite, original etc. and have also excellent precision processing technologies of a difficult-to-cut material,  SUH660, ceramic, tungsten, silicon etc.


Achieve IATF16949:2016

We achieved TS16949:2016.

Our strength is to build a strict quality control system.


For your safety and satisfaction.

We are pursuing improvement of quality on a daily basis.


Please feel free to leave it to us.


Manufacturing and processing of auto parts Please leave Sanwa needle bearing!

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Tsukuba Plant achieve IATF16949.

(Site: Tsukuba Plant・Tsukuba Plant Building A)

(Scope: Manufacturing Micro shaft and Metal packing)

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