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Always Looking to New Horizons;A Never-Ending Quest for New Challenges

Here we are, well into the 21st century, and TNK Sanwa Precision has the leading share of the world market for precision microshafts. We got here by constantly expanding and improving our technology, manufacturing, and quality control.
We have established two of our plans at China, where we have boosted production though further expansion and dramatically improved our management standards through certification for the ISO 9001 and TS 16949 quality management standards, and the ISO 14001 environmental management standard. The bottom line is that we can now better meet the needs of our international customers.
In Japan, meanwhile, we have attained a unique position as a comprehensive metal working company that also develops new products. We have achived this by building an integrated system for grinding, press working, cutting, and heat treatment, with technologies and equipments among the most advanced in the industry in each of these fields.
That is why the products that we have developed jointly with customers have come to represent the norm in fields including automotive, machinery, semiconductors, and telecommunications, to name a few.
To continue to meet the needs of our customers, we will go on using an undaunted frontier spirit to take our creative technology higher and farther than ever.
When you need something that has never been built, something that our competitors cannot build, or when you are not satisfied with what you have now, then we at TNK Sanwa Precision are ready to help you.
CEO   Takuya Nakamura

Corporate Philosophy

Management philosophy

Ground on its business philosophy of developing environmentally responsible production technologies.

Management policy

1. To seize the market needs for acquire the new market, the new product.
2. To acquire the difference to competitors by the original product, the unique technology.
3. To do the continuous improvement for build up the strong corporate culture.
4. To contribute to the region and to observe the legal requirement.

Quality・Environmental Policy

1. The harmony of its own technology and new technology that has been developed, to achieve a better Manufacturing.
2. To identify key objectives on an annual basis, work to achieve them, and prevent environmental pollution.
3. To adhere to all environmental laws, regulations, and agreements as well as customer requests and autonomous environmental conservation measures, and to reduce and ultimately eliminate the use of environmentally harmful substances.
4. To thoroughly assumed risk management accidents and disasters.
5. To acquire the trust and the satisfaction of customers for follow and KAIZEN intermittently to the quality €management system requirement.
6. To ensure that the technical and environmental policy is understood in its entirety by all employees, to promote and maintain it, and to disclose relevant information to the greater community when requested.


Tsukuba Plant achieve IATF16949.

(Site: Tsukuba Plant・Tsukuba Plant Building A)

(Scope: Manufacturing Micro shaft and Metal packing)

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