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Heat Treatment

To make the most of material having the characteristic.

Non oxidizing continuous heat treatment furnaces,Continuous bright heat treatment furnaces,Vacuum carburizing heat treatment furnace,Non oxidizing batch type heat treatment furnaces,Oil cooling furnace,High-frequency wave heat treatment,Vacuum furnaces


Continuous bright heat treatment furnaces

  • Characteristic:No oxidized scale by bright annealing, reasonable price by continuous furnaces.

Vacuum carburizing heat treatment furnace

  • Characteristic:Following carburizing, carbonitriding and oil composition.

Vacuum furnaces

  • Characteristic:Quenching and tempering of high-speed steel and Precipitation hardening treatment of heat-resistant steel

Non oxidizing batch type heat treatment furnaces

  • Characteristic:This machine is suitable for processing short product having high precision.

Roller hearth continuous furnace

  • Characteristic:Perform aging treatment of large quantity continuously.

Subzero treatment

  • Characteristic:To prevent remaining austenite by quenching below 0℃.
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