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Grinding process provide stable higher quality and precision than lathing.


Centerless,Surface grinding machine,Barrel Finishing machine,Inside grinding machine,Double grinder,Buffing machine,Cylinder grinding machine,Rotary grinding



  • Characteristic:Possible to produce high precision by through method at reasonable price.

Inside grinding machine

  • Characteristic:An excellent grinding process which produce the inside precision and concentricity.

Cylinder grinding machine

  • Characteristic:This machine is suitable for step grinding and angular grinding.

Surface grinding machine

  • Characteristic:Possible to produce nonmagnetic material by in-house jig

Double grinder

  • Characteristic:Following large quantity at reasonable price because of continuous processing.

Rotary grinding

  • Characteristic:Possible to produce F face roughness and squareness.

Barrel Finishing machine

  • Characteristic:For polishing surface and end face and for deburring.

Buffing machine

  • Characteristic:Providing stable quality at reasonable price because of centerless method.
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Tsukuba Plant achieve IATF16949.

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