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Injection Molding

Newly,we're aproaching to injection molding.

Quality assurance can be done by one company, stable quality and short delivery time correspondence is possible by integrally processing resin molding and metal shaft in-house.

It features high precision processing making full use of our know-how and low cost.

Insert Molding

Diameter:φ2~10mm   Total length:16~60mm
Metal part precision
Step diameter tolerance:Under 0.001mm   Roundness:Under 0.001mm
Resin part precision
Diameter tolerance:0.001mm   Total length tolerance:0.03mm
Roundness:Under 0.3μm   Surface:Under Ra0.05
Concentricity:Under 3μm   Surface hardness:Differ acconding to material
・It is characterized by shape processing such as step·D cut·screw etc. by secondary processing after molding.
・Compared with metal processing, cost reduction of about 30% is possible.
・We correspond to general purpose, bio, engineering plastics and super engineering plastics.
・Precision is differ according to the raw material, dimension and shape.
・For details, please contact us.

Molding Sample

copy_jushi15.jpg   copy_jushi12.jpg
Steps D cut
Groove Grinding Screw(Resin part)
 Resin Nut + Metal Screw Step(Resin material:PPS)



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