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Materials Characteristics

Various Material Characteristics

TNK has experience to produce these following materials FX: steel, nonferrous, organo-iron and original etc.
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  Material Notes
Corrosion resistance
SUS303   SUS304
SUS316   SUS410
SUS420J2   SUS440
SUH660   15MH
SUJ2   SK105(SK3)
Stainless steel has corrosion resistance characteristics.
Chart of corrosion resistance and abrasion resistance.
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Non magnetic
SUS303   SUS304
SUS316   SUS410
SUS420J2   SUS430
SUS440C   SUH660
15MH   SUJ2
Austenitic material has Non-magnetic characteristics.
Chart of Non-magnetic and Abrasion resistance.
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Heat resistance
SUS303   SUS304
SUS316   SUS410
SUS430   SUS440C
SUH660   15MH
Ceramic and Alloy have Heat resistance characteristics.
Chart of Heat resistance and Abrasion resistance.
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Wear and abrasion resistance
SUS410   SUS420J2
SUJ2   SK105(SK3)
Ceramic and Alloy have Abrasion resistance characteristics.
Chart of Abrasion resistance and Impact resistance.
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15MH   SUS304
SUS316   SUS420J2
Our original material has Abrasion resistance and Corrosion resistance characteristics.
Over HV 500 / Permeability under 0.01μ / Corrosion resistance same as SUS304
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Stainless material SUS440C has Corrosion resistance and Abrasion resistance characteristics.
We developed our original material ‘KWS4MA’ which is low price and same as SUS440C characteristics.
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Handling materials Iron material,Non-material,Inorganic material,Organic material,Composite material
Please contact us about not only common material but also difficult-to-cut materials.
We try to produce non-metal.
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