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15MH -Nonmagnetic high hardness material-

Our original material ‘15MH’:Non-magnetic and high hardness material
15MH has Non-magnetic, Corrosion resistance, Abrasion resistance characteristics.
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15MH Characteristic

Non magnetic Magnetic permeability Under1.01μ
Prevent from becoming magnetized and adhering among metals.
High hardness Surfece hardness  HV500
For rotary shaft and revolving shaft which require Abrasion resistance.
Possible HV700 with our original process.
Corrosion resistance Same as SUS304
For using out of doors and seaside which require Corrosion.

Comparison chart with other metal

Component, Mechanical properties and physical properties

Table of component

Material C Si Mn P S Ni Cr Mo N
15MH 0.05~0.25 Under1.00 9.00~16.00 Under0.060 Under0.030 1.00~6.00 16.00~19.00 - 0.20~0.40
SUS304 Under0.08 Under1.00 Under2.00 Under0.045 Under0.030 8.00~10.50 18.00~20.00 - -
SUS316 Under0.08 Under1.00 Under2.00 Under0.045 Under0.030 10.00~14.00 16.0s0~18.00 2.00~3.00 -
SUS420J2 0.26~0.40 Under1.00 Under1.00 Under0.045 Under0.030 Under0.06 12.00~14.00 - -

Mechanical properties and physical properties

Material Hardness
Longitudinal elastic modulus
Specific heat
Heat conductivity
Heat expansion coefficient


μ Ω・㎝

Magnetic permeability
15MH 500 7.75 19.5 0.46 14.7 13.1 70 Non magnetic
SUS304 Under200 7.93 19.3 0.59 16.3 16.1 72 Non magnetic
SUS316 Under200 8.03 19.3 0.50 15.2 17.3 74 Non magnetic
SUS420J2 500~700 7.75 20.6 0.46 25.0 10.4 56 Hard magnetism

15MH processing specifications

We introduce an example of processing results.
Total length:70mm

Regarding the shape, composite processing such as long hole (about 10 times the diameter), sideways hole, milling cutter, step, groove, D cut etc is possible.

We will also consider other processing at any time.

Grinding is also possible according to required accuracy.


15 MH is a material with high processing difficulty, but our company can grinding and turning with high accuracy as well as other materials.

Moreover, we also correspond to D cut · both sides D cut.

For shafts, pins and precision rollers at 15 MH, please refer to here for possible specs.


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