Please feel free to contact to TNK for precision shaft, roller, Needle, Lead screw and materials.

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Challenge and continue " development-oriented comprehensive metal processing manufacturer "

TNK Careers

TNK, the original of consciousness as the world's top share holder of precision micro shaft, and our in-house -contained production system, technology force behind it, and that does not allow even a single defective product to 100 million bottles taking advantage of the strengths such as the commitment to quality, we are actively involved in the new field development.
In particular, we are recruiting and sales positions that can capture new business from a global point of view, the technical jobs of people with the desire and action force Ikeru actively involved in the new field development full of challenges.

That open up new business with their own hands, we look forward to your hearing from you! Full of ambition.

Stay with us, do not enjoy the work of manufacturing?


Sales posittions


Technical posittions

Application guidelines of joining April 2022

Qualification requirements

March 2019 or later , the graduate ( MSc ) , universities, and mechanical system technical school by March 2022

In graduate or graduate , possible person joined in April 2022

Recruitment Department

Technology system : Science course (Mechanical, electrical and electronic , material , physical in addition to
 Operating systemFaculty Department of unquestioned

Manufacturing system : Mechanical system vocational school

Wanted job

Technology system : Production technology , equipment technology, development technology in addition to
 Operating systemSales for Corporation (Domestic・Overseas)

Manufacturing system : Manufacturing operations in general

Starting salary

Master graduate:227,800yen

College graduate:208,800yen

Technical College graduate:184,000yen

2 -year professional College:178,000yen

Various allowances Family allowance , commuting allowance , etc.
Salary increasebonus Once it raises year(April)、Bonuses three times a year(July・December・March) ※2019 results
Work planned site Tsukuba, Ibaraki PrefectureHeadquarters and Tsukuba Works
Working hours 8:00〜17:00 (Break 60 minutes)※Production system is shift work system
Holiday vacation Five-day workweek(Saturday・Sunday ※There attendance Saturday several times a year
GW、Summer , year-end and New Year holidaysAnnual holiday 113 days
 Other paid leave , congratulations and condolences vacation , child care leave system , nursing care leave system
Welfare , etc.
  • Insurance:Health insurance , welfare pension insurance , employment insurance , etc.
  • Facility:Tennis court , etc.
  • Severance payPension planDefined benefit corporate pension
Screening method

Document review
Company information session(
Factory tour)

 Primary interview , aptitude test

 Secondary interview

 Informal decision


Adoption track record

Ashikaga Institute of Technology, Ibaraki University,

Utsunomiya University, Kogakuin Univercity, Kokushikan University,

Shibaura Institute of Technology, Sophia University, Seikei University,

Takachiho University, Chiba Institute of Technology,

Chiba University of Commerce, Chuo University, Tsukuba University, 

Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo Denki University,

Tokyo University of Agriculture, Tokyo University of Science,

Teikyo University,  Tohoku University, Toyo University, Nihon University,

Nippon Institute of Technology, Yamagata University, Meiji University,

Ryutsu Keizai University, Waseda University,

Kanto vocational skills development school,

Ibaraki industry higher professional school,

Metropolitan Industrial Technology College of Technology,

Chikusei Industrial Technical Institute,

Tsuchiura Industrial Technical Institute,

Tochigi Prefecture, central Industrial Technical College, etc.



Contact : Management Department To Kuroda   TEL:029-866-0811


Tsukuba Plant achieve IATF16949.

(Site: Tsukuba Plant・Tsukuba Plant Building A)

(Scope: Manufacturing Micro shaft and Metal packing)

  • Sample・Spot order
  • For Factory in China
  • Looking for the Automotive parts