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For Quality


The precision of TNK’s product is sustained by our technical skill and quality control. We measure by measuring instrument and some visual inspections. The product is used in a machine works in a vacuum space.


Measuring instrument

Possession measuring instrument

  • We have a perfect guarantee system by the precision measuring instruments.       
Inside/Outer diameter detector 


  Electric Micrometer   
Outer diameter  Image instrument Projector
  Contour form measurement  
Surface measuring device Roundness measuring device Rockwell hardness
  Surface roughness measuring device Micro-vickers hardness measuring device
Material measuring equipment Metallurgical microscopes High temperature chamber
  Impact testing machine Tension testing machine
Others  Gauss meter Magnetic permeability measuring device 

















In-house measurement

  • It’s our original measurement which is made at TNK and is high precise measurement.
High precise outer diameter detector UPM-20  
  Discrimination 0.001μm
Precise outer diameter detector SPM-10  
  Discrimination 0.01μm
Gages pin Various  
  Diametral accuracy 0.1μm












Tsukuba Plant achieve IATF16949.

(Site: Tsukuba Plant・Tsukuba Plant Building A)

(Scope: Manufacturing Micro shaft and Metal packing)

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