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Environmental Philosophy

TNK Sanwa Precision’s corporate activities are grounded on its business philosophy of developing environmentally responsible production technologies and its environmental philosophy of seeking to enable humankind to live in conditions of material and emotional comfort by encouraging all employees to conserve and improve the environment in all business activities.

Corporate Code of Conduct

1. To accurately assess the impact of business activities on the environment and improve the environmental management system and environmental performance on an ongoing basis.
2. To adhere to all environmental laws, regulations, and agreements as well as customer requests and autonomous environmental conservation measures, and to reduce and ultimately eliminate the use of environmentally harmful substances.
3. To identify key objectives on an annual basis, work to achieve them, and prevent environmental pollution.
4. To improve the environmental management system on an ongoing basis by enhancing all employees’ understanding of the company’s environmental philosophy, awareness of environmental issues, and ability to suggest new directions.
5. To ensure that the environmental philosophy is understood in its entirety by all employees, to promote and maintain it, and to disclose relevant information to the greater community when requested.


Internal Company Activities

  • ・Promotion of energy and resource conservation
  • ・Reduction of industrial waste products
  • ・Promotion of green procurement practices
  • ・Complete elimination of environmentally harmful substances (based on a commitment not to procure, use, or emit such substances)

Achieve ISO14001 certification

Not content to simply obtain ISO 14001:2004 certification, we continue to pursue initiatives on a daily basis in order to satisfy the desires of our customers and communities.

The results of these initiatives are well regarded, and we remain committed to working to create a sustainable recycling-based society.

(Picture)ISO14001:2015 certification.


Tsukuba Plant achieve IATF16949.

(Site: Tsukuba Plant・Tsukuba Plant Building A)

(Scope: Manufacturing Micro shaft and Metal packing)

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