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Sample・Spot order

Produce from 1 pc. it still has high precision and short lead time from sample production line

We have total support from pre-production to mass-production, you can request us just a single item or assembly unit product.
Our production machines and specialists of metalworking live up to all customer’s requirement.

Equipment   Materials   Inspection

Case of sample and spot

From part to set product and ASSY product

High precision shaft

Producing shaft, pin and axis having sub-micron precision.
Diameter:φ0.5〜φ10.0   Total length:3.0mm~80.0mm
Diameter:0.0001mm   Total length:0.001mm
Roundness:0.00005mm   Surface roughness:Ra0.01
Cylindricity:0.00005mm   Surface hardness:According to the material
・Please check Precision Shaft if you would like to know other’s precision.
・According to the material and form.

Model of the recorder


We made it to show our high technology.

The recorder is all the same to real.


※Not for sale


Combined working product


It’s possible to live up to customer’s requirement by means of our original technic and various machines.


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