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Our original material ‘KWS4MA’:replacement material of SUS440C
This is martensitic stainless and be high Abrasion resistance with heat treatment.
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KWS4MA Characteristic

Wear and abrasion resistance Hardness as SUS440C over HV700
Corrosion resistance As SUS440C
Abrasion resistance Higher abrasion resistance than SUS440C
Price About 2/3 cost of SUS440C

Comparison chart with other metal

Component, Mechanical properties and physical properties

Table of component

Material C Si Mn P S Ni Cr Mo N
KWS4MA 0.45~0.55 Under0.80 Under0.80 Under0.040 Under0.030 Under0.06 12.5~14.00 - -
SUS440C 0.95~1.20 Under1.00 Under1.00 Under0.040 Under0.030 Under0.06 16.00~18.00 Under0.75 -
SUS420J2 0.26~0.40 Under1.00 Under1.00 Under0.040 Under0.030 Under0.06 12.00~14.00 - -

Mechanical properties and physical properties

Material Hardness
Longitudinal elastic modulus
Specific heat
Heat conductivity
Heat expansion coefficient


μ Ω・㎝

Magnetic permeability
KWS4MA 600~800 7.75 20.6 0.46 24.7 10.6 67 Hard magnetism
SUS440C 600~800 7.75 20.5 0.46 24.2 10.6 60 Hard magnetism
SUS420J2 500~700 7.75 20.6 0.46 25.0 10.4 56 Hard magnetism


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