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Technology by TNK

Creative Technologies

Professional of ultraprecise grinding,  For follow the customer’s requirement

TNK is a precisionmetal parts manufacturer and our specialty is ‘Ultraprecision processing’.

Our Micro Shaft is top-class high quality and production even in the world and is utilized in various business-world, for example: Auto industry, Home appliances industry and Industrial equipment.


We have an integrated production line, cutting, turning, lathing, grinding and heat treatment in order to produce every production or material. We also have original grinding machine which has high precision technique.


  • Control by submicron Ultraprecise grinding
  •  Support from the sample order to integrated production line for the large volume production
  •  Thoroughgoing Quality management system
  •  Correspond by the various equipment and production line to special requirement
  •  Correspond by the various raw material

Control by submicron Ultraprecise grinding

TNK strength is controlled by submicron ultraprecise grinding. We would support any customer requirement use by our high precision products that from high precision process to outer diameter, inner diameter, roundness, cylindricity, surface roughness. Especially most high precision grinding parts is controlled 0.1 micron.

These technology use at the aeroplane, aerospace market, too.


Support for sample and mass-production order by integrated production line


TNK supports for just one sample, high-mix low-volume production and mass-production more than 1,000,000 pcs/month.We propose and provide the advanced high precision parts in a short delivery and high quality.
We have a line only for sample product/small quantity in our factory and the flexibility to accommodate a customer’s requirement. We can produce the high quality parts by mass-production in not only TSUKUBA Plant but also our oversea factory.

About Sample/Spot order

Thoroughgoing Quality Management System

TNK has all advanced equipment and technological strength for system of production from raw-material to finished products in only our factory. The high quality manufacturing is supported by our skill that we have many years of metal processing and our fulfilling equipment for cutting, turning, lathing, plasticity, forming, heat treatment, surface treatment etc.
TNK offers stable quality product by our consistent supply system under the strict production management system.

List of Instrument

Equipment strength for your special requirement


TNK has various equipment in TSUKUBA Plant for stable supply of high quality products.
We are developing our own machines for special processing that we can’t be realized by general machine. TNK attends to your every need by our own machines.

List of Equipment

Handling Materials

We accept all types of material from general material to difficult-to-cut material for example stainless steel, heat resistant steel, tool steel. We have abundance of the achievements for produce iron and steel, non-ferrous, organic, inorganic, composite, original etc. and have also excellent precision processing technologies of a difficult-to-cut material, hastelloy, SUH660, ceramic, tungsten, silicon etc.

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Tsukuba Plant achieve IATF16949.

(Site: Tsukuba Plant・Tsukuba Plant Building A)

(Scope: Manufacturing Micro shaft and Metal packing)

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